NRW Composers Update: Determining Music Genres

By NEAL REED WORLDWIDE, Music Publishers. How NRW determines Music Genres. Neal Reed Worldwide (NRW) publishes original music created by composers who produce music in every genre. Additionally, in collaboration with our artists, NRW is helping to define new categories of music. As part of our music publishing administrative services provided to composers, Neal Reed Worldwide…

Kingdom Krunk Records joins Neal Reed Worldwide

Gautier, Mississippi USA – Kingdom Krunk Records is now affiliated with Neal Reed Worldwide Music Group. Kingdom Krunk Records is the home of Holy hip-hop artists Born Again Livin’ Legends. Kingdom Krunk Records Neal Reed Music Group Related articles Kingdom Krunk Records. Graphic Design, Brand Standards (

Alleluia Amen Mass Choir welcomes Composer Jerome Harris

Oakland and Detroit – Alleluia Amen Mass Choir and Orchestra founder Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed today announced the selection of Composer Jerome Harris as the choir’s first guest composer. ┬áMr. Harris, who resides in Detroit, Michigan, has been composing music for two decades, and recently joined the GLH Audiophile Record Label as a music producer….

Anthony Flawless Burns releases third album, Clownin’ In Public

Detroit – Continuing his prolific production schedule, Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns’ third album release, CLOWNIN’ IN PUBLIC (2011, GLH Audiophile Records) is set to release on July 4, 2011, and is available for download worldwide. Returning to the production studios at GLH with Anthony are music producers Glendell “GWhizz” Brooks, Melvin Zeke Smith and Kenyon…